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Posted Thursday, October 26, 2017

On Saturday, Oct 21, the Men’s Club toured the USS Iowa, nicked named “The Big Stick”. It is permanently anchored near the entrance to the L.A. Harbor, near the cruise ship dock. We took a self guided tour of this magnificent ship.

Posted Thursday, October 26, 2017

On Saturday, July 22, The Men’s Club took a field trip to the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard. Not the largest collect of older vehicles, but what a variety of well maintained and perfectly restored rolling stock.

Posted Monday, August 21, 2017

Last Sunday, August 13, our Center held the annual Man Jong Tournament under the guise of Judy & Bill Nachenberg. 56 lovely women, equipped with smiles & tiles attended, beginning with a lovely brunch provided by the kitchen staff of Porter Valley Country Club in Northridge.


Men's Club



The VJCC Men’s Club was organized to provide a positive setting for active men (55+).  A place to meet and socialize and to provide programs that will entertain, inform and enlighten our members in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.  

The Men’s Club meets the first Monday night of every month at 7 PM for fellowship and activity planning.  Recent activities have included a day at the Santa Anita Park, tour of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Dodger Games and a tour of the “Propaganda” exhibit at the Getty Museum.

If you would like to attend the Men’s Club meetings, feel free to drop by.  Please send us your email address to receive upcoming events info:


Target Shooting submitted by Chas Phillips 

On Thursday, 8/24, the Men’s Club went target shooting at The Target Range in Van Nuys, next to the airport.  For those that have not done any shooting in the past, the Range conducts a training class before you handle any weapons.  A couple of us had our own guns, so we starting shooting immediately.  After the class, the instructor takes you onto the range with a variety of hand guns and you begin shooting.  The Target Range is a gun (hand and rifle) and accessories sales outfit in addition to the target range.  I was able to fire my hand gun in addition to my 22 rifle.  All the guys had a blast and we have vowed to return to shoot some more targets. 

The VJCC Men’s Club meets the first Monday of the Month, either at a local restaurant or at the Center, to plan future events and smooze.  Some of the future events include a visit to the USS Iowa at the Long Beach Harbor and a Hanukkah Potluck.  If you have any questions, contact Burt Kaminsky at



Men’s Club Visits “The Big Stick” Contributed by Chas Phillips


On Saturday, Oct 21, the Men’s Club toured the USS Iowa, nicked named “The Big Stick”. It is permanently anchored near the entrance to the L.A. Harbor, near the cruise ship dock. We took a self guided tour of this magnificent ship. As Veterans arrive on the ship, the Crew welcomes them aboard with an announcement over the public address system…a very nice touch. We started on the bow (front) of the ship, which puts you under six of the nine 16” cannons that adorn this vessel as a part the total armament aboard. Although you do not enter the turret, a video explains the complexity of loading and firing these big guns. A sample of the powder and projectile are on display. It was amazing how many crew members were needed to operate these cannons. The self tour takes you throughout the vessel, enabling you the see how the crew lived, worked and relaxed aboard ship. It was evident by the size of living quarters, the higher your rank, the better the living. Additionally, you see examples the remaining armament: smaller cannons, several types of machine guns and different types of missiles. There is an excellent museum style area near the ships store. One of the displays is dedicated to the terrible accident when one of the 16” cannons exploded and 41 crew members were lost. The video brought tears to my eyes, as well as most of the other people viewing it. The exit brings you up to the stern (rear) of the ships. This very large area was used to land and launch helicopters. We all enjoyed the tour very much and agreed that it demonstrates that our freedom is not free. We had lunch at a local bistro after the tour.


Men’s Club visits Murphy Auto Museum Submitted by Chas Phillips

On Saturday, July 22, The Men’s Club took a field trip to the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard. Not the largest collect of older vehicles, but what a variety of well maintained and perfectly restored rolling stock.  The collection of miscellaneous garage items was extensive; signs, 3D pictures and statues, go-carts, bikes, tools, motors and old Sun Tune-up rolling equipment.  The collection included trailers for the campers and motorcycles for the daredevils.

In the middle of all this was an H O train layout the size of which was truly amazing.  It was built and maintained by a club of true train enthusiasts.  The detail of the entire display was unbelievable to say the least.  If you enjoy cars and would like to see a massive H O train layout, this is the place to go.   The group enjoyed a seafood lunch at Andria’s on the Ventura Harbor.  The view of the harbor form the outside patio was spectacular.  The cool weather and slight breeze made for a nice break from our triple digit temps.


Men’s Club at Tour of HexLab MakerSpace by Chas Phillips

On Thursday, June 29th, The Men’s Club took a tour of a unique, to be sure, 3D Printing Lab.  HexLab MakerSpace produces a wide range of 3D items in several mediums, but, the majority of the items produced at this lab are created by the common man.  For a monthly membership, you or I, can create and produce an object using one of the several 3D Printers available at the lab.  The creation can be plastic, medal or wood.

We were introduced to several of the items produced at this lab, including a Big Bang Theory whistle.  The 3D printers range in price from $400 – $500 to $35,000.  One of the huge printers runs in the millions if purchased new.  One of the originators, who started at the age of 12, showed us the whole process, from designing on computer to sending it to the printer for production….quite fascinating to a non geek like me.  We were able to watch a couple of items being produced; even though the process may take several hours, we certainly got the idea.   

After the tour, several of us met at the California Chicken Café for a, you guessed it, a chicken lunch.  Fun was had by all.

For information regarding the Men’s Club, e-mail Burt Kaminsky, at   

Men’s Club at Museum of Flight by Chas Phillips

On Sunday, 3/26, the Men’s Club traveled to Santa Monica Airport to visit the Museum of Flight. Our group was warmly welcomed and Linda, our docent, was a very outgoing and knowledgeable person to say the least. We started with the Wright Brothers, proceeded through the early war planes and ended with the most current aircraft. The museum presents the history of flight in a very orderly fashion with several life sized displays and an abundance of models, small and large. A cut-away 727 cockpit was available to sit in the pilot/co-pilot seats and get a feel of real aircraft command. An Air Force pilot was available to explain the many dials and displays….lots of fun. A video of “Thursday”….the story of a WWII P-51 Mustang and its pilot from the war to the present, was a marvelous story of the Pilot and the Aircraft. Cary’s grandkids took a Fighter Jet on a mission in the Flight Simulator….a true simulator that did barrel rolls (actually turned the kids upside down) and executed all the commands of the pilots….a truly exciting experience for the kids. We had lunch at the Spitfire Grill. As you can imagine, the restaurant was decked out in aircraft parts, pictures and murals. A variety of meals were ordered and all enjoyed themselves. A fun day was had by all!

Keep watching for more exciting events sponsored by the Men’s Club via the e-mail blasts….not on the list, contact Abby at the center (

Men’s Club Visits Beverly Hill Police Department by Chas Phillips

On Thursday, 1/19, the Men’s Club toured the Beverly Hill Police Department.  It was amazing to learn the Beverly Hills Police Department is a fully equipped and independently functioning PD.  Our tour guide was a Detective Sgt George Demarios who was extremely knowledgeable regarding the operations of all the different departments with the PD.  Having a tour guide with several years of service with his many stories added a great deal to the enjoyment of the tour.  I think the tour of the Armory and the SWAT trucks were the highlights of the tour.  We all met at Factor’s Deli for lunch after the tour and discussed how much fun we had.  Upcoming functions include a couple of High School Basketball games, dinner meeting and a speaker from the California Highway Patrol at Marie Callender’s (2/6), visit to the Nethercutt Museum in February and a visit to the Museum of Flying in March.  


The Valley JCC Men's Club at Edwards Air Force Base (photo by Burt Kaminsky)

Men’s Club at 911 Center by Chas Phillips

On Thursday, 8/11, the Men’s Club toured the LAPD Dispatch Center in West Hills.  As stated by the tour guide, the tours are not only informative but also educational.  We learned and saw the history of the Call Center and the progression of the equipment, very interesting.  We moved to a conference room and learned how this center and the second center in Los Angeles cover the entire County of L. A.  From the conference room we were able to observe the call center in action.  A huge room with over 50 desks, each desk having 6 computer screens to help the dispatcher determine how to handle the call.  We also learned that over half the calls received by the 911 operators are not emergency calls and should have used the non-emergency phone number:  1-844-ASK-LAPD (1-877-275-5273).

Men’s Club at Edwards AFB by Chas Phillips

On Friday, 8/12, the Men’s Club took a tour of Edwards Air Force Base.  An absolutely amazing and wonderful tour.  Out Tour Guide was a retired Air Force camera man who rode in the backseat of aircraft and took pictures of test aircraft in flight during a test session.  It was easy to see he enjoyed his job and embraced the chance to depart his knowledge and experience to the group.  If you are an aircraft or flight enthusiast, this is a must tour.  Starting in the flight and aircraft museum, we saw an example of every aircraft tested at Edwards…amazing.  With pictures and examples of some the more famous accomplishment of the Test Pilots, the museum is a must see.  We then took a bus tour of the Administration buildings and then onto the flight line.  We saw F-16s, F22s, F-35s, KC-135s, C-17s, B-1, and a Global Hawk drone and several other less famous aircraft.  At the Tourist Center, all of the F-100 series aircraft are on display.  The base and the history are truly an experience to cherish

Men’s Club at Santa Anita Race Track

The Men’s Club visited Santa Anita Racetrack on Sunday, May 22 for the second time.  The location of the track is awesome for it’s beauty and peacefulness.  The weather could not have been better.  It was great to have Sam in attendance and see him looking so well.  It was a relaxing and fun filled day for all.  I don’t think we had any big winners, but did not leave too much at the track.  

The Men’s Club meets the first Monday of the Month at the Center at 7 PM.  If you are looking to have some fun and companionship, join us for the next meeting.

Submitted by

Chas Phillips


       Photos by Marty Kaplan.

Men’s Club at Dodger Stadium

The VJCC Men’s Club visited Dodger Stadium for a tour on Thursday, 4/14.  We met at the Top of the Park and enjoyed a 360 degree view which included downtown Los Angeles, The Hollywood sign and the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains.  The view from the Vin Scully Pressbox was enjoyed by all.  After a walk through the Dodger Awards Hallway, we went on the field for an unbelievable view of the Stadium and the chance to take a few photos.  The tour concluded in the Stadium Club behind home plate…what a way to have dinner.

The Men’s Club meets the 1st Monday of the month at the Center at 7:00 PM for event planning and shmoozing…come and join the fun.



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