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Posted Friday, November 2, 2018

On Thursday, August 23rd, the Men’s Club visited the National Weather Service in Oxnard.  We meet our tour guide, John Dumas, upon arrival.  John is an ex Navy Meteorologist and served 20 plus years for Uncle Sam.  He has been with the National Weather Service for just over 5 years. 

Posted Friday, November 2, 2018

On Saturday, October 27th, The Men’s Club visited what is now known as Oakridge Estates.  Some 80 years ago Barbara Stanwyck purchased a piece of property in the San Fernando Valley.  The property bordered on the north by Devonshire Blvd, on the east by Reseda Blvd, on the south by what is now Lassen, and on the west by what is now Wilbur.  On this property Ms. Stanwyck and Zeppo Marx, her agent and one of the Marx Brothers, built separate homes.  Additionally, a thoroughbred training track and ranch were added.  During this time period, Barbara and Zeppo called this the Marwych Ranch.  

Posted Monday, March 19, 2018

On Saturday, February 17, 2018, The Men’s Club visited the Santa Susan Depot Museum and Model Railroad display in Simi Valley.  Our docent, Curt, was very outgoing and added so much to the tour.  We were limited in time to two hours, but, I’m sure Curt could have gone all-day with the history and stories about the depot.


2019 LA Valley Maccabi Team in Atlanta!

Pictures from the 2019 Games

Click here to view out photo album from the 2019 Maccabi games 



Pictures from the 2017 Games

Click here to view out photo album from the 2017 Maccabi games 


Read about our 2016 Team's experiences:

2016 Maccabi games! – Click here to see the team in Columbus and Stamford!

Valley Jewish Community Center (VJCC) is member in good standing of the Jewish Community Center Association of North America and participates in the North American JCC Maccabi Game program.

JCCA coordinates and runs the following programs for teens: Annual continental programs for teens–the JCC Maccabi Games®, a week-long Olympic-style sports competition, JCC Maccabi ArtsFest®, an arts extravaganza for young Jewish artists, and JCC Maccabi Israel®, the program that brings teens to Israel to explore and experience their Jewish homeland–have touched many thousands of teens. Each program gives Jewish teens the chance to give something back to their communities through Days of Caring and Sharing, as well as the ability–for many, for the first time–to feel part of k’lal Israel, the greater Jewish people.JCC Maccabi Games VJCC

The JCC Maccabi Games® are an Olympic-style sporting competition held each summer at various host cities in North America and is the second largest organized sports program for Jewish teenagers in the world.

The Maccabi Movement bean in 1895 when the first all-Jewish sports club was formed in Constantinople. The first world Maccabiah Games were held in

Israel in 1932. Now, this two week competition takes place very four years and has featured many world class Jewish athletes including: Mark Spitz (swimming), Mitch Gaylord (gymnastics), Ernie Grunfeld and Danny Schayes (basketball), Brad Gilbert and Dick Savitt (tennis).

The first North American JCC Maccabi Games® were held in 1982 with 300 athletes. Due to overwhelming interest, Regional Games were added in 1985 to augment the even-year Continental Games. 1997 marked the first time that the Games were held simultaneously in six American cities with 4,400 participating athletes. Since their inception in 1982, the Games have grown from a small pilot project in one host community to an Olympic-style sporting competition held each summer in multiple sites throughout North America.

Today, over 6,000 teens, ranging from 13 to 16 years of age, participate in the JCC Maccabi Games® each summer. The Games are co-sponsored by the Jewish Community Center Association of North America, Maccabi World Union, Maccabi Canada, and Maccabi-- USA/Sports for Israel. For additional information regarding the JCC Maccabi Program please contact the VJCC at 818-360-2211 or send an email to

JCC Maccabi ArtsFest

Through JCC Association’s efforts, the JCC Maccabi Games® -have grown to the point where close to 6,000 teens from many different countries participate each summer. Building on this successful foundation a relatively new youth development initiative has been designed to attract those teens who have a strong interest in the arts. JCC Maccabi ArtsFest connects thousands of Jewish teens with similar interests to each other, the arts, and their local Jewish Community Centers.

Last summer over 45 JCC’s sent participants to the JCC Maccabi ArtsFest. Our artists participated in developmental workshops in specialties including, Rock, Visual Arts, Sports Broadcasting, Dance, Musical Theater and Jazz. ArtsFest is just one of the tools that your JCC has for identifying today’s teen-artists and can lead to influential programming in your center.

JCC Association is the managing partner for JCC Maccabi ArtsFest and works closely with host communities to develop a special program unique to each community.  If you would like additional information regarding the Valley JCC ArtsFest program, please contact the Valley JCC at 818-360-2211 or send an email to

Our Mission

To provide Jewish youth with a supportive environment that fosters mutual respect and sportsmanship, where they can interact in an atmosphere of fun, democracy, and peace.

To cultivate a deeper understanding and instill an appreciation of Jewish values within Jewish youth, enrich their Jewish identity in an informal setting, and encourage their identification with the state of Israel.

To promote and encourage the health, physical fitness and well-being of Jewish youth through participation in recreational and athletic activities

To introduce Jewish youth to the international Maccabi Movement, which presents athletic, cultural, and social opportunities with Jews from around the world.




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